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Historic Center

Awsome medieval village perched on the hill

On the roads
of history

This medieval village - suspended between sky and sea - enchants with its cobbled streets, churches and, thousand-year-old walls.

Open-air museum preserving almost 10 centuries of history, the historic center is one of the most important and ancient historical centers in Liguria.

Perched on the hill overlooking the sea, it is not only an enchanting place, but a journey through time that captures you and takes you back to the 8th century AD.

With the arrival of the Lombards, the Roman city was abandoned, and the historic center was established as the new urban nucleus, sheltered on the hill and protected beyond the waters of the Roja river.

This ancient upper town, dominated by a magical atmosphere, was the center of Ventimiglia life until 1800, when progress, embodied by the railway, launched the town towards new frontiers.

The thousand-year-old walls of the historic center hide an unparalleled artistic treasure: Centuries-old churches, silent oratories, convents, and noble palaces that bear witness to the elegance of bygone eras.

To completely immerse yourself in the labyrinthine soul of this town, just follow one of the winding streets which, starting from the river, climb up short rises and steep stairways to the top of the hill. A journey that embraces the unique character of the urban fabric, with its ups and downs, vaulted passages, dark corners, and bright little squares that suddenly open up.

Up on the hill, overlooking the sea, let yourself be enchanted by this medieval village, on a journey back in time to the 8th century AD.

Historic Center

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