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The ancient walls
of the old town

Back to the splendor of the 16th century.

Returned to their ancient splendor thanks to a recent restoration and redevelopment of the area, the medieval village walls, dating back to the 16th century, are today a place of peace and wonder.

The bastion called ‘Murru de Bö’ is located at the western end of the sixteenth-century town walls, at the highest point of the historic center.

The ‘terrace’ of the Upper Town hosts a prestigious museum of photography (temporarily closed), with international displays and a collection of photographs, postcards, and vintage images illustrating the evolution of Ventimiglia and its history.

The exhibition room on the ground floor leads to a ‘secret’ garden, hidden by the walls. From here, a staircase on flying buttresses takes visitors to the first floor room and to the panoramic terrace, from which they can admire the town, the Ligurian Sea, and the French Riviera.

Salita alle Mura, 55A – 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

How to get there
You can reach Murru de Bö from Via Monsignore Daffra or from Salita alle Mura

Opening hours and visiting methods (temporarily closed)
Thursday, 10 to 12 AM and 3 to 5 PM
Friday, 10 to 12 AM and 3 to 5 PM
Saturday, 10 to 12 AM and 3 to 5 PM
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Fun Fact
Near Murru de Bö, there is a large sixteenth-century hidden cistern: The water came from the San Bernardo spring thanks to an aqueduct partially dug into the rock.