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Flavors, local products
and shopping

Taste without borders

Taste and

Let yourself be tempted by the colors, scents, and tastes of the typical local products.

Taste the authentic flavor of local tradition through typical products and historic markets, among the scents, smells, and colors of the Mediterranean Sea.

Come and get lost among the narrow streets and stalls, among fashionable boutiques, local craft shops, the covered market (a timeless treasure and unmissable stop) and the open-air market on Fridays. Here you can immerse yourself in the daily life of the people of Ventimiglia, among stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, delicacies and local specialties, to savor life with a sea view.

Take a piece of Ventimiglia home with you and put one of the much-loved typical products famous throughout the world on your table. You will taste an ancient and simple tradition, which has always been an invaluable asset for this area.

A journey into taste without borders, where flavors and shopping come together to conquer your heart.

Experience shopping among flavors, colors, and peculiarities, to take home and put the taste of Ventimiglia on your table.


Typical products

In search of authentic flavours, second-hand fashion, art objects or simply the enchantment of lively and local atmospheres.


Live the unique experience of Ventimiglia's markets