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A timeless palace

Family home of Giuseppe Biancheri, born in Ventimiglia, first President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Palazzo Galleani-Biancheri, built during the 1500s and embellished with a protected hanging garden, was the historic family home of Giuseppe Biancheri, first President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy. Biancheri distinguished himself for his political commitment in his home region – Liguria – and in his hometown – Ventimiglia: From his first political successes, when, very young, at just 32, he entered the subalpine Parliament, up to the conflicts with Cavour over the transfer of Nice to France.

Headquarters of Fondazione Biancheri (Foundation), Casa Biancheri is today at the center of the project promoted by Fondazione Galleani – De Bottini (Foundation), aimed at creating and supporting cultural, artistic, academic, and research initiatives, as well as actions of social importance in favor of the local community.

The aim of the foundation is to contribute to enhancing the value of the palace, in particular the ancient hanging garden, jewel in the crown of Western Liguria, from an architectural and botanical point of view.

The palace hall hosts events, meetings, and art exhibitions, especially in summer.

Via Garibaldi, 13 – 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

Fun Fact
The hanging garden of Casa Biancheri is not the only one in the area: The adjacent buildings boast gardens with a very similar structure, but with a different composition.