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Adrenaline and discovery on the edge of the water

becomes an adventure

Here, on the border between France and Italy, adrenaline is at home, in a combination of landscapes and adventure. An emotion that leaves its mark on the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

From Spiaggia delle Calandre (Beach) to the coves where you can explore the underwater world, armed with mask and snorkel, the area offers experiences to enjoy above and below the sea, all year round.

Windsurfing and kayaking

Ride the waves carried by the sea breeze. Learn to dominate the sea guided by expert windsurfing trainers. Or explore Ventimiglia and discover its hidden coves by rowing a kayak. The possibilities are endless, and suitable for all levels of experience.

Stand Up Paddle

For those who love challenges, we recommend the wakeboarding school, or getting on a stand-up-paddle board to navigate in balance in search of open horizons and a deep and unique bond with the sea.


Ventimiglia is the ideal destination for snorkelling lovers. Its clear waters, rich in marine life, offer an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore the seabed without the need for complex diving equipment.

Windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling. With its crystal clear waters, Ventimiglia is the ideal setting for water sports enthusiasts.


History and culture

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Territory and Landscape

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Taste and shopping

Experience shopping among flavors, colors, and peculiarities, to take home and put the taste of Ventimiglia on your table.


Enjoying and protecting heritage

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French Riviera

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Historic Center

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Historic sites and gardens

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Live the unique experience of Ventimiglia's markets

Natural areas

Explore the regional natural park of the Ligurian Alps, an uncontaminated oasis of wild nature.…

Riviera dei Fiori

A 58-kilometer long journey of emotions to Ventimiglia

Sun and relaxation

Discover the pleasure of the sea, of the sun and of being together all year…

Typical products

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Valleys and surroundings

Immerse yourself in the enchanting setting of the valleys and the surroundings of the town,…