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Valleys and surroundings

Nature and history, where time slows down

The treasures
of the hinterland

Hamlets and villages. Val Roya and Val Nervia. Discover the secrets of the Ventimiglia hinterland.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting setting of the valleys and the surroundings of the town, where nature and history intertwine in an unmissable experience of colors and sensations.

Discover a world where time seems to have stopped, leaving room for uncontaminated landscapes and stories of ancient villages perched on the hills.

Among the valleys, every turn and every trail reveal a different story: lush woods that are home to wild fauna, postcard-perfect medieval villages, evidence of a rich and fascinating past and a simple and welcoming present, between local hospitality and authentic flavors which tell the true essence of this land.

Ventimiglia and its surroundings are an invitation to slow down, explore and wonder. Be embraced by the vital energy of these valleys.

Picturesque villages with an ancient past, uncontaminated nature, and all the authentic flavor of the hinterland of Ventimiglia.

Valleys and surroundings

Val Roya (Valley)

Val Roya will enchant you with its natural beauty and…

Val Nervia (Valley)

Picturesque landscapes, medieval villages, a rich cultural history, and a…

Torri Superiore (Hamlet)

The hinterland of Ventimiglia, with its hamlets, is a maze…


Sea and beaches

Let yourself be enchanted by the sea of Ventimiglia, with its crystal clear waters lapping hidden beaches and coves, a…

Taste and shopping

Experience shopping among flavors, colors, and peculiarities, to take home and put the taste of Ventimiglia on your table.

History and culture

Discover the centuries-old history and culture of Ventimiglia, which have crossed all eras like a thin thread, which tells of…


Enjoying and protecting heritage

Discover the treasures of nature above and below the sea, among clear waters and immaculate…

French Riviera

The French Riviera, with its unmistakable splendor, enchants with a symphony of colors and scents,…

Historic Center

Up on the hill, overlooking the sea, let yourself be enchanted by this medieval village,…

Historic sites and gardens

The beauty of history with a sea-view... A journey through time from Prehistory to the…


Live the unique experience of Ventimiglia's markets

Natural areas

Explore the regional natural park of the Ligurian Alps, an uncontaminated oasis of wild nature.…

Riviera dei Fiori

A 58-kilometer long journey of emotions to Ventimiglia

Sun and relaxation

Discover the pleasure of the sea, of the sun and of being together all year…

Typical products

In search of authentic flavours, second-hand fashion, art objects or simply the enchantment of lively…


Windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling. With its crystal clear waters, Ventimiglia is the ideal setting for…