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Enjoying and protecting heritage

Protect and safeguard the treasures of the sea

Nature to
be protected

Ventimiglia is in the heart of an area to be loved, a treasure to be discovered and safeguarded every day, on the shores of the Pelagos Cetacean Sanctuary.

Ventimiglia has always been at the forefront in the protection and enhancement of its extraordinary marine heritage. A commitment that is reflected in the beauty and care of its bays and protected areas.

Your journey to safeguard the sea begins offshore, from the Pelagos Sanctuary, an international marine protected area and a safe refuge for dolphins, whales, and a large number of marine species, which find their ideal habitat here.

Discover Oasi del Nervia (oasis): A jewel of biodiversity where the river meets the sea. A unique ecosystem that hosts a variety of plant and animal species, offering an exceptional example of how freshwater streams can integrate seamlessly with the marine environment.

Continue your journey among enchanting coves such as Baia Beniamin (Bay), a corner of paradise of incomparable beauty, and Capo Mortola (Cape), an important chapter in the history of environmental protection of Ventimiglia.

This stretch of coast, with its lush vegetation and transparent waters, is a paradise for snorkelers and divers, who can discover an underwater world of incredible richness here.

Discover the treasures of nature above and below the sea, among clear waters and immaculate beaches of sand and pebbles.

Enjoying and protecting heritage

Oasi del Nervia (Oasis)

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Capo Mortola Protected Area

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Calandre (Beach)

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Baia Beniamin (Bay)

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Pelagos Cetacean Sanctuary

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