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Living in Ventimiglia

A life-changing choice

Living a stone's throw from Monte Carlo

Grow professionally in an environment that nurtures your creativity.

Living and working in Ventimiglia means embracing a balanced lifestyle, where work and well-being blend harmoniously. Here, every day you can find inspiration in natural and historical beauty, enjoy tranquility and grow professionally in an environment that nourishes your creativity.

Work station between France and Italy
Nature and innovation. Culture and shopping. Sea and mountains. If you dream of working away from the chaos of the city, but want to stay connected to the world, Ventimiglia is the choice that will change your life. An area that is not only a refuge for the soul, but is part of an international context, a stone’s throw from the economic center of Monte Carlo and 43 kilometers from Nice Airport, which can also be reached from the train station via convenient shuttles.

An inspiring destination
Living in Ventimiglia, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, means transforming free time into enchantment.
Imagine taking a coffee break on your terrace breathing in the fresh sea air, taking a short walk along the beach to gather new ideas or enjoying a lunch break surrounded by beauty, flavors, and culture.

Free time tailored for your passions
Ventimiglia, with its rich history, offers you a variety of relaxing experiences to take your mind off work. Tailor your free time based on your interests and passions, including outdoor excursions, mountain biking, trekking to discover the surroundings.

Ventimiglia the ultimate life-changing choice


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