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Enter a world
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Explore all the wonders of Ventimiglia

Sea and

Let yourself be enchanted by the sea of Ventimiglia, with its crystal clear waters lapping hidden beaches and coves, a valuable shelter, between nature and relaxation.

Experience the beauty of uncontaminated nature all year round. A priceless treasure where the blue of the Mediterranean meets the beauty of the shore in dreamy scenarios and moments of pure relaxation.

Discover a place where every day is an invitation to explore, relax, and connect with nature in all its beautiful diversity.

From large expanses of free beach to more private coves, there is a corner of paradise waiting for you to live a unique experience. Overlooking the Pelagos Cetacean Sanctuary, a marine protected area of extraordinary importance, where it is possible to spot dolphins, whales, and rich marine biodiversity.

Come and discover the magic of the sea and its secrets, the charm of natural oases and hidden bays, and the vital energy of marinas and beach facilities offering excursions, events, and the best of local cuisine all year round.

Beauty and protection of nature, relaxation and fun in one place.


Sun and relaxation

Discover the pleasure of the sea, of the sun and of being together all year round


Windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling. With its crystal clear waters, Ventimiglia is the ideal setting for water sports enthusiasts.

Enjoying and protecting heritage

Discover the treasures of nature above and below the sea, among clear waters and immaculate beaches of sand and pebbles