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Get to know the culinary heart of Ventimiglia. On a tour of taste and sweetness, among pastry shops, restaurants, and bakeries, you will find a world of authentic flavors, popular traditions, and creativity.

The Municipality has awarded five De.Co. (Denominazione Comunale – Municipal Designation). Three desserts: Castagnola di Ventimiglia, Turta di Lurè, U Benardu. One savory pie, known as Pisciadella. One product of the sea, the prawn of Ventimiglia, known as “ghimbaru du fundu”, which is caught right in the body of water in front of Capo Mortola.


In the 19th century, marron glacés were an expensive dessert, not affordable for all budgets. Therefore, popular cuisine had found an economical and delicious alternative in chestnuts.

Bean Grammondo

The Grammondo bean, a precious fruit of the earth and a cultural heritage, has been cultivated for generations and thanks to suitable climatic conditions and soils, has generated a cultivar with unique organoleptic characteristics. Its preservation is linked to the story of the Flavio Balestra family of Villatella, whose grandmother Fina, during the Second World War, before evacuating and thinking of her future return, hid the precious seeds and then resumed cultivation on her return.

Ghimbaru du fundu

Also known as red prawn, it is known for its excellent gastronomic qualities and represents a delicacy in many local restaurants and cuisines.


A focaccia with tomato, anchovy fillets, Taggiasca olives, capers, garlic and oregano: The flavors of the territory come together in this ancient Ligurian specialty dating back to the 1300s. Pisciadela is also known as Pizza dell'Andrea or Sardenaira, and is common both in western Liguria and on the French Riviera.

Torta di Lurè

An ancient recipe invented at the end of the nineteenth century by a baker named Lorenzo (Lurè), who had moved to Ventimiglia from Breil-sur-Roya. It is a variant of the traditional leavened dough cake the cricbente, typical of Lorenzo's country of origin. Flour, sugar, brewer's yeast, grated lemon and orange blossom water: simple ingredients for a dessert that tastes of memories and history.

U Benardu

The sweet bread known as U Benardu, typical of Ventimiglia in Liguria, is made with polenta on the occasion of the celebration of San Bernardo on August 20. Corn flour, the main ingredient of this dessert, has historically occupied a central position in the diet of the Ligurian hinterland, representing a more accessible choice than traditional white flour, and was frequently used in the preparation of breads and focaccias.

In search of authentic flavours, second-hand fashion, art objects or simply the enchantment of lively and local atmospheres.


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