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Ventimiglia in one day

Discovering history, culture, and nature

Taste the soul of Ventimiglia

A stage by stage itinerary to discover history, culture, and nature

If you only have one day to explore Ventimiglia – your Gateway to Italy, here is a stage by stage itinerary to savor the soul of the town.


Discover the charm of history in the historic center

Start your day by immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the historic center, among narrow cobbled streets, medieval buildings, and picturesque squares.
Let yourself be enchanted by Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral), a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, with an evocative Baptistery dedicated to Saint John the Baptist inside.
After a coffee in a small place in the historic center, go back to the town and before lunch continue towards the covered market, where the colors and scents of local products will capture your senses.


Bring Ligurian tradition to the table

Here your taste is truly spoiled for choice. You can opt for one of the restaurants in the center and savor a typical menu to suit all budgets or, if your walk takes you to the seafront, enjoy a good lunch overlooking the sea in one of the beach facilities, which offer traditional dishes, from pasta to pesto to fresh fish.


Discover the beauty of nature

The landscape in Ventimiglia is a precious and enchanting setting. Do not miss the Hanbury Gardens, a botanical masterpiece of exotic and Mediterranean plants from all over the world that offers spectacular views of the coast.
On your way back, visit Fortezza dell’Annunziata (Fort), an imposing testament to the military history of Ventimiglia. It houses the Civic Archaeological Museum, where you can discover artefacts dating back to Roman and medieval times.

Ventimiglia: from ancient splendor to Mediterranean delights


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Ventimiglia, with its itineraries and routes, gives you the chance to discover nature and the secrets of the area, passing…


Ventimiglia, with its itineraries and routes, gives you the chance to discover nature and the secrets of the area, passing…



Ventimiglia is waiting for you to reveal its treasures.

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