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A mosaic of authentic experiences

Discovering the area

Ventimiglia is waiting for you to reveal its treasures.

From outdoor adventures to the rich food and wine offer. From deep cultural immersion to the pleasure of slow tourism. A sea of experiences to discover!

Outdoor adventures
Ventimiglia is a paradise for outdoor lovers. Its lush hills and crystal clear sea invite you to explore and venture into uncontaminated nature.
Ventimiglia joins the Sanremo Outdoor project. Discover the hiking trails that wind along the coast or inland, or the mountain bike routes suitable for all levels of preparation recommended by lamialiguria.

A journey into our flavors
From trattorias to gourmet restaurants, every place will make its way into your heart. A sensory journey among the authentic flavors of Liguria, typical dishes and local produce.
Do not miss the numerous tasting itineraries of extra-virgin olive oil, the fine wines of the area, and the specialties based on fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Attend local festivals and farmers’ markets for an authentic and engaging gastronomic experience.

Culture: historical and artistic treasures
Ventimiglia is rich in history and art, a true open-air museum. Go back to the Middle Ages, among the intricate cobbled streets and small squares of the historic center, with its Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral), period houses, Oratorio dei Neri (Oratory), and the ancient walls.
Travel even further back in time, to the origins of man, in the evocative and impressive Grotte dei Balzi Rossi (Caves). Meet the Roman Empire by visiting the incredible Area archeologica di Nervia (Archaeological Area), with its Roman theater, now once again scene of events and shows.
Every corner of Ventimiglia tells a story, offering unique insights into understanding the cultural richness of this fascinating region.

The pleasure of slowness
Ventimiglia is the ideal place for those looking for a more thoughtful and peaceful travel experience. The concept of savoring every moment here comes to life when you explore the inland villages, or when you enjoy moments of quiet in its enchanting panoramic gardens.
Discover the pleasure of living every moment without haste, enjoying the little things, and the peace of a slow pace to nurture your body and spirit.

Western Liguria, land of outdoor enthusiasts


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