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Sea and culture

Here by the sea, every place has a story

Where sea and culture meet

The beginning of a sensorial journey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Savor the taste of discovery by the sea all year round, where a world of timeless experiences opens up. Breathing the salty air, lulled by the sound of the waves. It is just the beginning of a sensory journey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Don’t miss the guided tour of the Civic Archaeological Museum, established in 1938 and named after Girolamo Rossi, discoverer of the Roman city of Albintimilium, which has been housed since 1989 on the mezzanine floor of Fortezza dell’Annunziata (Fort). In the Museum, you will find over 700 artefacts from the Albintimilium necropolis and the theater, and recovered from the antiques market.

Continue towards Spiaggetta dei Balzi Rossi (Beach). It is the ideal place to experience the authentic beauty of the Ligurian Sea and be pampered by the sound of the waves. A few steps from the French Riviera, the red cliffs are large reddish rocks overlooking the sea with large cracks inhabited tens of thousands of years ago by the Paleolithic Cro-Magnon man.
A unique landscape: red rocks, turquoise sea, plants, and the scent of salt that separate you from civilization and take you back to prehistory.
Lunch at the restaurant and then relaxation on the adjacent beach equipped with umbrella and sunbed.


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