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Romanesque gem in
the heart of the historic center

A thousand-year-old Church, boasting a thousand lives.

The Counts of Ventimiglia built the Church of San Michele in the 10th century as a Benedictine monastic priory, but changes dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries are still visible in the architectural structure.

Following the earthquake of 1628, the entire building was subject to modifications and adjustments, starting from the Romanesque façade, renovated in the nineteenth-century with stucco and concrete, recreating the shapes of the cathedral.

Inside, it is possible to admire traces of the original Proto-Romanesque structure, such as the stoup near the entrance.

The crypt, located under the main altar, preserves materials taken from the remains of the Roman city: columns, finds, even a military stone which still shows the distance from Rome in an engraving.

Piazza Colletta – 18039 Ventimiglia (IMPERIA)

Fun Fact
One of the frescoes in the Church of San Michele has a peculiarity: It is located half inside and half outside the building.