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Top 10 attractions not to be missed

Ventimiglia's must-sees

The beauty of Ventimiglia

Top 10 unmissable attractions

The beauty of Ventimiglia is its crossroads of monuments, history, nature, and enchantment.
Discover the top 10 attractions that you absolutely cannot miss when you cross the Gateway to Italy

Hanbury Gardens

The magnificent botanical park with a vast collection of exotic and Mediterranean plants, an extraordinary panoramic view of the coast, and the enchanting villa that overlooks it.

Historic center

The historic center perched on the hill with its intricate streets, medieval buildings, and the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral).

Forte dell'Annunziata (Fort)

Ancient military fortress, which together with the fortification of Castel d'Appio and Forte San Paolo is part of the ancient defensive buildings erected in Ventimiglia during the Genoese domination and, subsequently, during the Napoleonic period.

Roman theater

The theater, built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, is located in the eastern part of Ventimiglia, near Via Julia Augusta.

Grotte dei Balzi Rossi (Caves)

Archaeological area and museum. One of the most representative sites of human history in Europe.

Spiaggia delle Calandre (Beach)

Among the most beautiful and peaceful in the area, with fine sand and crystal clear waters

Capo Mortola (Cape)

A treasure of history and nature, with its rocks that plunge straight into the turquoise sea, Spiaggia delle Uova (Eggs' Beach), and the caves dating back to around 200 million years ago.

Baia Beniamin (Bay)

Enchanting uncontaminated cove hidden in nature.

Cala del Forte (Harbor)

The new and ultra-modern harbor of Ventimiglia, twenty minutes from the Principality of Monaco.

Covered market

The flavors and aromas of local produce in the historic market famous throughout Europe.

Ventimiglia between history, nature, and unexplored flavors


Itineraries and routes

Ventimiglia, with its itineraries and routes, gives you the chance to discover nature and the secrets of the area, passing…


Ventimiglia, with its itineraries and routes, gives you the chance to discover nature and the secrets of the area, passing…



Ventimiglia is waiting for you to reveal its treasures.

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Ventimiglia is waiting for you to live the unique experience of its markets

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