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A gem between sea and history

Quick guide to discover the town

Not to be missed in Ventimiglia

Discover the unforgettable spots you must visit.

Start your journey to discover Ventimiglia, a destination where history, well-being, relaxation, and beauty are an integral part of the experience.

A crossroads of cultures and tales, where each stop is a moment to regenerate and reconnect with oneself.

Follow in the footsteps of the Brits to discover where they stayed in the 19th century and the valuable legacy they left us. Discover the ten sports that you absolutely cannot miss and, if you are just passing through, do not waist the opportunity to take with you a taste of Ventimiglia in one day.

Every corner hides an unmissable treasure. A paradise of tranquility, culture, and nature, waiting for you.


Ventimiglia in one day

If you only have one day to explore Ventimiglia - your Gateway to Italy, here is a stage by stage…

Top 10 attractions not to be missed

Discover the top 10 attractions that you absolutely cannot miss when you cross the Gateway to Italy

In the footsteps of the Brits

Ventimiglia is waiting for you to live the unique experience of its markets