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Well-being all year round

Beauty that regenerates the spirit

Intense wellness experiences, to regenerate body and mind.

A crossroads of beauty, history, and cultures, Ventimiglia is an idyllic refuge all year round, a place of enchantment and slowness where you can feel good, in harmony with nature and the seascape.
Find out how to immerse yourself in an intense experience of well-being, to regenerate body and mind.

Sea and halotherapy
Start your day with a regenerating walk along the seafront. The view of the sea, the sound of the waves and the salty smell create a unique environment that stimulates the senses and generates beneficial effects on our respiratory system.
The Balzi Rossi beach, in particular, is a corner of paradise where you can enjoy moments of pure calm.

The taste of nature
Breathe the pure air and enjoy unforgettable views as you walk among olive groves and vineyards. Let yourself be conquered by the local produce, which has followed the path passion and tradition for centuries.
A visit with tasting to Terre Bianche, a historic winery in Val Nervia, with a selection of loved and award-winning wines, such as Rossese di Dolceacqua, Vermentino and Pigato, is a must.
Also not to be missed is the Gaziello oil mill, a family tradition spanning more than a century, which from a village in Val Roya in 1948 brought the excellence of local oil to Ventimiglia.

Perfumes and colors
For a culinary break that celebrates well-being, explore the Ventimiglia market. Here, the colors and aromas of local products encourage you to choose fresh and genuine ingredients. You can also enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in one of the seaside restaurants, where freshly caught fish is always on the menu of the day.

A walk through history
Go back to the 8th century AD and the glories of the Carolingian era and walk through the streets of the historic center of Ventimiglia, a place where the past tells us stories and civilizations. Discover, among the alleys and small squares, the hidden treasures, immersed in a timeless atmosphere, where history is lived in every stone, at every step.

Villas and gardens
History, nature, beauty, art. You cannot help but get lost in the Gardens of Villa Hanbury, an earthly paradise where biodiversity enchants all the senses. Immerse yourself among the exotic and Mediterranean botanical species and let yourself be surprised by the beauty of this garden overlooking the sea, a place where nature and art blend in perfect harmony.

Thermal baths and spas
For a profound experience of relaxation, treat yourself to a day of well-being in one of the numerous beauty centers in the center or in the hinterland, at the ancient thermal baths of the Grand Hotel in Pigna. Let yourself be pampered by spa treatments and massages that soothe tensions and renew your spirit.

A wellness journey that winds through sea, nature and culture. An experience that embraces body and soul in perfect balance.


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