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A hidden gem in the hinterland between Italy and France.

Val Roya will enchant you with its natural beauty and the charm of its villages. The valley, crossed by the Roya River, winds through a picturesque mountain landscape. Your perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the coast.


Going up from Ventimiglia, we arrive in Airole, a village surrounded by olive trees, characterized by concentric alleys that surround the central square. Just outside the town center, it is possible to visit the Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces).

Olivetta San Michele

Olivetta San Michele is the westernmost town in the region, on the border with France. It is one of the stations on the Cuneo-Ventimiglia railway line, famous and loved for the unique views between bridges and tunnels. Known as “Ferrovia delle Meraviglie” (Railway of Wonders), it is considered one of the most evocative routes in Europe.

Beyond the French border

For those who wish to organize a trip beyond the French border, the valley offers a wide choice of evocative medieval villages, in continuity with those encountered on Italian territory. From Sospel to Saorge, an enchanting mountain village of narrow alleys and purple roofs, where time seems to have stopped.

Not to be missed is the frescoed chapel of Notre Dame des Fontaines in La Brigue, capital of the ancient Brigasque community, traditionally a land of shepherds and transhumance.

To dive into the remote past of the area, in Tende it is possible to visit the Musée des Merveilles, which tells the story of the Valle delle Meraviglie (Valley of Wonders) and the history of its rock carvings.

Fun Fact
Val Roya is crossed by the Italian / French border, and this geographical border has influenced the history and culture of the region.