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The magic
of history and
slow living

The renascence of an abandoned medieval village.

Picturesque landscapes, rural atmospheres, and a history full of tales. The hinterland of Ventimiglia, with its hamlets, is a maze of small towns waiting to be discovered.

Torri Superiore, the highest hamlet of the Municipality of Torri, is located just a few kilometers from Ventimiglia. Completely abandoned for a long time, this 13th-century medieval village is now a small gem, thanks to a recovery process started in the 1980s thanks to the Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore foundation, which promoted the restoration of the town.

The experience is truly unique. You get lost in an intricate labyrinth of stairs, terraces, and alleys, immersing yourself in ancient medieval history. Here life offers a slow and fulfilling pace, based on the principles of sustainability, cooperation, solidarity, and sharing.

Fun Fact
In 1989, before the restoration process began, only one family lived in Torri Superiore.