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Pelagos Sanctuary:
The Kingdom of Cetaceans

A spectacle of nature between France and Italy.

Immersed in the blue and crystalline waters of the Ligurian Sea, the Pelagos Sanctuary is a vast marine paradise, between France, Italy, and the Principality of Monaco. An uncontaminated refuge for marine fauna.

The agreement

The Sanctuary is the only international marine area dedicated to the protection of marine mammals and their habitats in the Mediterranean Sea and was established by a multilateral agreement signed by France, Italy, and Monaco, in Rome, in 1999, and which came into force in 2002.

The Sanctuary

The waters of the area are the scene of an extraordinary spectacle. Every day, you can witness exciting sightings: Cetaceans dancing under the sparkling surface, dolphins playing in the waves and curiously approaching the boats, turtles and colorful fish mingling among the intricate underwater gardens, in an explosion of life and colors.

The Area

Small fishing villages and picturesque towns overlook this natural sanctuary, where the harmony between man and the sea has been respected for generations. Maritime traditions are intertwined with environmental conservation, creating an indissoluble bond between the local community and valuable marine life.

The Pelagos Sanctuary, with its commitment to protect marine species and to promote sustainable navigation practices, represents a beacon of hope for the conservation of marine ecosystems.

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How to reach it
The Pelagos Sanctuary extends from the French Riviera to Tuscany, forming a triangle with the tip of Sardinia.

Fun Fact
The Mediterranean Sea is a favorable environment for marine mammals, where they have been present since ancient times, for approximately 65 million years according to estimates.