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A treasure
of biodiversity

Discover this rare, unique, and valuable natural habitat.

Let yourself be conquered by nature in its purest state. Discover the Nervia oasis, at the mouth of the river, between Ventimiglia and Camporosso. A treasure of biodiversity and a refuge for many animals, especially migratory birds that arrive here in spring.

Flora and fauna

The Oasis preserves a very valuable habitat for plant and animal species. You can meet more than 200 species of wild birds: From herons to wild ducks, up to migratory rails such as the Little Crake and the Spotted Crake.

A truly unmissable destination for bird watching enthusiasts, because its small size makes it possible to observe animals from a short distance.

Constant safeguard

The careful management of the area by the local authorities and the oasis operators translates into the care of the small paths, the environmental education offered to visitors and conservation initiatives.

In the Nervia oasis, the beauty of nature combines with dedicated efforts to preserve and protect this unique environment.

Opening hours and visiting options
Free entrance.

How to get there
Via Dante Alighieri, 1 – 18033 Camporosso (IM)

Fun Fact
The Oasis is home to an insect that only exists in this area and nowhere else in the world.