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On the trails
of beauty

The light and scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Trekking in Ventimiglia and its surroundings

Sea. Beauty. History. Hiking in Ventimiglia means experiencing nature through the centuries. Dozens of excursions to go on an adventure and explore the surroundings of the town. Discover the trails recommended by lamialiguria.

Alta Via dei Monti Liguri

Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is a rewarding and challenging excursion, made up of 43 stages. This itinerary starts from Ventimiglia and reaches Caperana, in the province of La Spezia, passing through trails and mule tracks.

Balzi Rossi, Villa Hanbury

One of the most evocative destinations in Liguria, on the border between Italy and France: A trek between beaches, thousand-year-old caves, and corners of greenery overlooking the sea. From the Hanbury Gardens, with their beauty blooming in every season, to the Balzi Rossi Caves, which house one of the most important archaeological sites of the Paleolithic.

Mount Grammondo – From the sea to the peaks of Ligurian and Maritime Alps

Mount Grammondo is one of the most panoramic peaks on the right hydrographic side of Val Roia. It reaches 1400 meters above sea level and allows a 360° view between Italy and France

From Dolceacqua to Ventimiglia

A 13 km itinerary from Dolceacqua to Ventimiglia (approximately 4 hours). Climbs and descents are not particularly steep.