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beyond sales

A unique tradition of Ventimiglia.

With the revival of the economy after World War I, the merchants of Ventimiglia proposed and succeeded in holding a sale of their inventory once a year, on stalls displayed outside their shops. This is how this tradition started, later imitated throughout the region. U Desbaratu every year delights shopping lovers and those looking for unmissable deals.

The summer event, which takes place on the first Sunday of August starting from 8:00 in the morning, is enriched by many collateral events, such as the Town Band and the Youth Philharmonic parade along the pedestrian path created in Via Cavour, accompanied by performances of dancers and jugglers.

Opening hours and visiting options
First Sunday of August from 8:00. AM

How to get there
Corso Genova, via Cavour

Fun Fact
In the dialect of Ventimiglia, “sbaratà” means to sell off. “Desbaratà” therefore means sell off unsold items and inventories on sale.