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Via Iulia

In the footsteps of the Romans

Follow the path of history during the Roman Empire and travel along Via Iulia Augusta, retracing all the stages that have traced the path of time.

Emperor Augustus designed between 13 and 12 BC Via Iulia Augusta to facilitate the connection with the recently conquered provinces of Gaul.
The ancient route of the road is confirmed in ancient documents and in the military memorial stones found along the route. It started from the Trebbia river, in Emilia, to reach the Varo river, in the French Riviera, crossing Tortona, Acqui Terme, Ventimiglia and reaching France, to then perhaps rejoin Via Domizia.

The stages of a journey from France to Ventimiglia
From the Trophy of Augustus to the fortification of Mont des Mules. From the Museum of Prehistory of Menton to the Balzi Rossi Caves. There are many sites of great historical interest that can be found along the route of Via Iulia Augusta.
The Civic Archaeological Museum of Ventimiglia offers a stimulating and unique itinerary to set off in the footsteps of history.

Fun Fact
Its name derives from Emperor Augustus, who designed it between 13-12 BC, shortly after the conquest of the territories of the Maritime Alps (14 BC).