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Ferrovia delle Meraviglie
(Railway of Wonders)

Emotions and beauty on rails

Come and discover the beauties of Valle Roya (Valley) all year round, until you reach Valle delle Meraviglie (Valley of Wonders) and Piedmont. Get on board the Ferrovia delle Meraviglie (Railway of Wonders)!
The Cuneo-Ventimiglia-Nice railway line, with its over 100 kilometers of emotions on rails flowing from your window, is a dream journey through extraordinary panoramas and landscapes between Piedmont, Liguria, and the French Riviera.

Started in 1883, the construction of the Nice-Breil-Tende-Cuneo railway line was considered a titanic work.
The line, inaugurated in 1928, is a jewel of railway engineering. To go beyond the Maritime Alps, daring bridges were built in the narrow Roya and Vermenagna valleys, from one side to the other, and numerous tunnels dug into the mountain.

Following Italy’s declaration of war on France, the line suffered several damages and was then destroyed in several spots during the German retreat. Its reopening in 1979, after long and expensive repairs, was also a symbol of the reborn friendship between Italians and the French. But starting in the 1980s the line experienced a period of decline, which led to its closure in September 2017. It was reopened the following year after extraordinary maintenance works and today travelers can enjoy it again, to be enchanted by its unique views.

The stops
The line, awarded as “Luogo del Cuore” (Place of the heart) by the FAI (Italian National Trust), passes through seven villages, with six stops on the Nice-Tende line.
The first stop is Sospel, a jewel in the heart of Val Bevera with an imposing Cathedral that is worth a visit. We continue to Breil-sur-Roya and Saorge, one of the most beautiful villages in France, to complete our journey in Tende. The last stop of the journey hosts the Museo delle Meraviglie (Museum of Wonders), dedicated to the prehistoric engravings of the most important site in Europe.

How to get there

  • Ventimiglia-Cuneo + Breil sur Roya-Nice line, stations of Ventimiglia, Limone Piemonte, Tende, Breil sur Roya, Saorge, Sospel.
  • Nice-Ventimiglia line, Nice Ville, Menton stations

Visiting options
A visit of 4 days to a week is recommended.
Recommended period: May / October to be able to go trekking in the mountains and swim in the sea.