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Pelagos cycle path

Cycling in Ventimiglia

Get on your bike and pedal to discover Ventimiglia and the Riviera dei Fiori, on a suggestive and romantic route that crosses the town, passing over a panoramic bridge, and then immersing yourself in the enchanting wildlife oasis of Nervia.

The Pelagos cycle path, inaugurated in 2018 and a natural continuation of the Riviera dei Fiori cycle path, connects Ventimiglia and Camporosso and develops through areas abandoned by the railway. Enriched by the presence of local works of art, the cycle path is also an interesting choice for those who love cultural walks.

The construction of the cycle path made it possible to redevelop an abandoned area and transform it into a public space, restoring a piezometric tower as a place to look out for the Nervia stream oasis, and recovering rare artefacts of railway archaeology.

How to get there
Via M. C. Rufo, 18G, 18039 Ventimiglia IM

Fun Fact
The 120-meter cycle and pedestrian walkway is located 300 meters from the coastline that crosses the Nervia stream.