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A gateway
to history
with a sea view

On the centuries-old access road to Ventimiglia.

Dive into the history of medieval Ventimiglia: Porta Canarda was one of the eight protected entrances to the town.


Porta Canarda was built in the 13th century under Genoese rule. Strategically located to dominate the sea and the ancient Via Iulia Augusta, it was initially a defensive bulwark. Access to the center was allowed only to those who had a permit from the local authorities.

Famous visitors

Illustrious people such as Pope Innocent IV in 1251, Niccolò Machiavelli in 1511, Emperor Charles V in 1536, Pope Paul III in 1538 and Napoleon Bonaparte in 1796 have crossed its imposing walls.

The Name

The name of the gate derives from an ancient legend, according to which a wild goose defended the access during a siege by attacking the attackers with its sharp beak. Today, Porta Canarda, splendidly preserved, is a historical monument of immeasurable value. A place which, in addition to guarding the memory of the past, offers a suggestive view of the village, with its medieval streets and ancient buildings.

Via Porta Canarda – 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

Opening hours and visiting options
Free entrance

Fun Fact
Sir Thomas Hanbury, the famous English botanist of the gardens of the same name, bought it and restored it in 1881.