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Between history and

Discovering the history of imperial Rome.

Get ready to leave for a unique journey on the trail of the Roman origins of Ventimiglia. The archaeological area preserves and safeguards the testimonies of Albintimilium, an ancient Roman city of the imperial age, bordering with Gaul.

The site houses the remains of the baths and the ancient theater. The museum (antiquarium) hosts a valuable selection of finds, the result of archaeological excavations that began in the nineteenth century and continue today.

The Theater

The theater, which came back to light in 1852 and was built between the 2nd and 2nd centuries AD, is one of the best preserved in northern Italy, and – at the time of the Roman Empire – it also hosted political assemblies in addition to shows.

Of great importance for their state of conservation, the cavea and the two entrances were reserved for the city’s notables and gave access to their reserved seats.

The long restoration carried out in recent years has returned it to its original vocation. In fact, today it is used for events and theatrical performances.

The Baths

The Albintimilium Baths, ancient public baths frequented by men and women of all classes for personal hygiene and physical well-being, are located in the western part of the town. Built in the second half of the 1st century AD, they reached their peak between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, only to be gradually abandoned starting from the 5th century.

The facility received the necessary water supply through an aqueduct that drew from the clear waters of the Seborrino stream, a tributary of the Nervia stream.

The museum

In the Antiquarium, the museum room, several finds recovered from archaeological excavations starting from the end of the nineteenth century are on display. These objects are testimonies that evoke the daily life of the ancient city of Albintimilium during the imperial age (1st to 4th century AD). Many of the finds were discovered in the vast necropolis located to the west of the town.

Furthermore, the excavations have brought to light other large portions of the ancient Roman municipality and the city walls, erected to protect the city, are visible.

Corso Genova, 134 – 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

Visiting hours (temporarily closed due to works)
Tuesday to Saturday

Fun Fact
In the museum, it is possible to admire the extraordinary ancestor of a Swiss army knife, complete with six tools (including a spoon, a small fork, and a strainer).