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back in time

Relive and enjoy the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, in Ventimiglia, the celebration of the Assumption was a crucial moment of gathering for the community, inheriting the ancient Roman holidays dedicated to the Latin Federation.


In the days preceding August 15 (known in Italy as “Ferragosto”), young people engaged in lively games and competitions, both inside the Castle and in the Villas, while the sailors challenged each other in challenging regattas. In the meantime, notables and bourgeois were preparing the Processione delle Maestranza (Procession of the Workers).
The evening before the festival, large numbers of people came from all over the region and neighboring dioceses to witness the miraculous flow of water from a star carved on the Cathedral.
During the celebration, after the mass, the Bishop blessed the sea and the local boats, and the afternoon came to an end with the solemn Procession.


Since 1974, the Compagnie di Sestiere (Local Neighborhoods’ Associations) have brought this gathering opportunity back to life through Agosto Medievale (Medieval August), which every year transforms the town into a living historical setting.
Between the end of July and the beginning of August, the town regains its medieval atmosphere, with hundreds of people wearing period costumes and competing in dexterity competitions in the historic center, with its narrow streets and small squares recreating the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

The Event

Three days of fun, including night costume performances on a different theme each year, medieval dinners, taverns, music, and juggling shows, medieval markets, and cultural visits to churches and monuments.
The Ligurian skiff regatta, despite being an evocative spectacle, represents an exhausting challenge for the participants, who train hard for months to compete and win the main prize, the Carbaso.
Groups of flag-wavers perform expertly in the main square, adding a touch of elegance and maritime tradition to the festival, with their colorful flags waving in the sky and their intricate acrobatic movements.

A unique moment to relive ancient traditions and immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of the Middle Ages, between competitions, shows, and culture.

Fun Fact
Medieval August is the expression of the will and charity of many citizens of Ventimiglia, who gathered in associations called “Rezerie” or “Compagnie di Sestiere”, created the conditions for the establishment of the Ente Agosto Medievale (Medieval August Corporation), which manages the summer and related events.